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Sage Corporation Tax v3.4 Beta - FAQ

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This article lists the most common queries related to the beta version of Sage Corporation Tax v3.4


The figure in Box 530 on the CT600L differs from the expected or previously submitted figure?

After installing Sage Corporation Tax 3.4 box 530 figure may differ from the figure submitted in your original or amended return, even if the R&D Tax credit or RDEC claim has not changed. This may also affect box 875 and box 880.

HMRC's guidance for Box 530, and the need to complete a CT600L, advises that the figure in Box 530 and some other boxes may now differ depending on individual business circumstances. HMRC has recently informed us:

  • "We emphasise that Box 530 and its guidance has been changed and it shouldn’t be compared to older and out of date guidance from earlier years."

Further information >

CT600 PDF, box 142 not updated with a value

When producing a CT600 in Sage Corporation Tax v3.4 Beta, box 142 does not show a cross.  This issue has been logged for correction in the full release of the software later this year. The values in the software, and in any submission are correct, the issue only applies to the PDF copy.

Incorrect value shown on B12 report

On the B12 report an incorrect figure is shown for the R&D Tax Credit value. In the example below the value should show 14.5% of 650 ie 94.25 but in error it shows the full 650 value. 


The calculated figure of 54.25 is correct and this issue does not affect the data or any subsequent filing of data. This issue will be resolved in the full build available later in the year.

Super deduction

From 1st April 2021 until 31st March 2023, companies can claim a 130% deduction capital allowance on qualifying plant and machinery, and a 50% first year allowance for qualifying special rate assets. For the latest advice about super deduction, please refer to this guide >

Disk error

If you experience a "Disk Error" when installing the software, it's likely the installation file is corrupted. Simply delete the file and download / install again.
For more information, refer to the following guide >