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Download and install Sage 50cloud Accounts v28

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This guide helps you install Sage 50cloud Accounts v28, with step-by-step walkthroughs tailored for your current computer set up.


Before you start

Note: Installing for the first time? Read more >
  • We recommend you use this guide in Google Chrome.
  • If you use 3rd party software, is it compatible with Sage 50cloud Accounts v28?
  • It's best to complete this task at the beginning or end of the day as all Sage 50cloud Accounts users must log out.

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Things you need to know

  • Is your data held or going to be held on a server? Read more >
  • Are you using or going to use Sage 50cloud Accounts on a network?
  • If you want to connect to a remote site, you need to know the Remote Data Access passphrase.
  • If applicable, your Current Version Number.
  • If you use Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive). Read more >
  • If you sync to Microsoft 365. Read more >
If you're unsure about any of the above information, please contact your local IT support before you begin. 

Installation steps

Familiar with Sage 50cloud Accounts installations? - 

Installing updates when working from home - If you're temporarily working from home there are some extra things to consider when deciding if you should install the latest update.  Read more >

To view your install steps, simply answer the questions below then click View steps.