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Job Retention Scheme: Export information to HMRC for your claim

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You can use the Sage 50cloud Payroll Job Retention Scheme module to generate the file to upload to HMRC.


NOTE: You must submit any claims for July 2021 to HMRC no later than Monday 16 August 2021.

More than 16 employees

If you're furloughing 16 or more employees, you must add a new column on the reclaim file called Statutory Leave Returner? This must be the last column after Furloughed Hours, then populate Yes for any employees returning from statutory leave.

If you're creating the file to submit to HMRC manually, the file must be submitted with only one sheet in the workbook. By default, Microsoft Excel defaults to three sheets in a workbook. You need to delete the extra two sheets before you attempt to submit your claim.

15 or less than employees

If you're furloughing 15 or less employees, the information will need to be input manually on HMRC's portal >

Before you can export the information to HMRC for your claim, you need to have completed steps one to five in the Job Retention Scheme module.

NOTE: We don't have access to your HMRC login details and are unable to reset the password for your HMRC account. If you have any problems logging in on HMRC's portal, you can recover your user ID and password and reset your password on HMRC's website >


All employees furloughed for same date range

If all employees were furloughed at the same time and are all on the same pay frequency, you only need to submit one claim for the date range.

Claim period for full month with employees furloughed for different dates

If you've had furloughed employees for the full month but the dates were different for your employees, you need to run the Job Retention Scheme Module for each date range separately then combine the values together before making the claim.

Export the file to submit to HMRC
  1. Click Company then click Job Retention Scheme Module.
  2. Next to step 7, Export to HMRC, click Do it now.
  3. Enter your Contact Name and Phone Number.
    • These fields are compulsory and must be completed.
  4. To create the file containing your earnings assessment, click Export.
    • The file opens in Excel. If you'd like to print a copy for your records, click Print.
  5. Check the Account Number and Sort Code.
    • This must be done as Excel automatically removes any leading zeros from your account number and may change the sort code to a date.
  6. If you're furloughing 16 or more employees, add a new column Statutory Leave Returner? and populate Yes where the employee is returning from statutory leave.
  7. Click File then click Save As.
  8. Make a note of the file name, then browse to where you want to save the file then click Save.
  9. To upload the file, click HMRC Claim Portal then follow their on-screen instructions.
    • Once you've submitted your claim, you'll be provided with a unique reference from HMRC.
  10. Enter your unique reference number from HMRC into the Submission ID box.
    • If you have saved and closed the Job Retention Scheme Module before entering the submission ID, you can simply re-open it then enter your submission ID. When you enter the submission ID, the Save button changes to Finish.
  11. To mark the claim as complete, click Finish then click Yes.

If required, you can now start a new claim for another group of employees. you can only do this after entering the submission ID from HMRC.

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