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Full payment submission (FPS) - The basics

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Learn the basics of the full payment submission (FPS) in Sage 50 Payroll.


The FPS is the submission you must make to HMRC each time you pay your employees. It contains:

  • Starter and leaver information
  • Employee information such as name, address, NI number and tax code
  • Employee payment and deduction information
  • Tax, NI and student loan contributions
  • Year to date information

Before you can send the first FPS in a new company, you need to enter your e-Submission settings.


When to submit FPS

Once you've processed your payroll, you're ready to submit your FPS on or before the date that you pay your employees.

 NOTE: If you submit the FPS late, you must enter the reason before you continue. Find out more about What date to use when processing under RTI >

Before you submit the FPS

Before you submit the FPS you need to complete the following simple steps. Don't worry, we have helpful guides for you to use for each steps:

Submit the FPS

Now you've completed the steps above, you're ready to submit the FPS. Take a look at our handy guide where we take you through the steps to Submit the FPS to HMRC successfully!

Made a mistake?

Don't worry if you've submitted incorrect information to HMRC, you can Submit a full payment submission adjustment after you've made your corrections.

Check your FPS submissions

It's important that you view and reconcile the figures that you send HMRC in your full payment submission (FPS) and employer payment summary (EPS) each period.

You can easily reconcile your HMRC values using the FPS viewer and reconciliation reports, so you can be confident about what you submit each period.