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Process your payroll year end

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To complete your year end in Sage Instant Payroll, follow the simple tasks in this article.


You can also use these useful guides and checklists to help you at year end and into the new tax year. Read more >

Set your pay date

Before you begin, you must set your pay date to the last day of the tax year:

  1. Click Pay Employees, then click Check pay date.
  2. Enter 05/04/2021 and click Save pay date.

When you change the pay date to 05/04/2021, the tax week automatically shows as 53. This doesn't mean you have to process a week 53, unless your normal pay date falls on 5 April 2021. You can check if you have to process pay for week 53, from the Prepare for year end support guide >

To begin the year end process, simply click Year End. You're now ready to follow the steps below:


  1. Click Backup, then click Browse.
  2. Browse to where you want to save your backup and click Save.
  3. Rename the backup file name, for example, PreYearEnd 2021.
  4. Click Backup now.
  5. Click Close Backup screen.

End of year reports

Although this step isn't mandatory, we recommend you print your P11s and P32s and keep them for your company records.

  1. Click End of year reports, then click Deductions Working Sheet P11 (PAYE).
  2. Click Print Report then check your printer settings are correct.
  3. Click OK, then click Close Reports.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the other reports.
    When you run your P32 reports, you need to enter the criteria. To run the report for the full year, leave the range from 1 to 12 then click Preview Report. To run it for a specific month, for example month 3, in the From and To box enter 3.
  5. Click Close Year End Reports.

End of year submission

As HMRC just require a final submission to say that you're closing off your tax year, there are no declaration questions to answer.

  1. Click End of year submission, then click Continue.
  2. Check your details are correct and if required, amend any details.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. If required, to print the information click Print, then Print again.
  5. To proceed click Continue.
  6. Check the information is correct.
  7. To send your data to HMRC, click Submit.
    When the Government Gateway is busy, it can take a while for the submission to complete. If you want to continue processing and come back later to check the progress of your submission, click Check again later >
  8. Once your submission is successfully sent, to view and print details of the submission, click the link provided.
  9. Click Close.

P60 and Archive

You must provide a P60 to every employee who is employed by you on 5 April 2021, and they must receive them by 31 May 2021. You don't send P60s to employees who left before 5 April 2021.

Print your P60s

  1. Click Year End, then click P60 and Archive.
  2. Click P60 End of Year Summary choose the relevant layout to match your stationery.
  3. Click Preview Report.
  4. Click Print Report.
  5. Check your Printer Settings and click OK.
  6. To return to the P60 and Archive reports screen, click Close Reports.

Archive your reports

To help you reprint your P60s in future, you can save PDF versions of them to your computer.

  1. From the P60 and Archive reports screen, click Browse.
  2. Browse to where you want to save your reports, click OK.
  3. Ensure the location in the Save to box is correct.
  4. Click Archive.
    This may take a few minutes. Once the archive is complete, you receive the message, 'The year end reports archive process has been successful.'
  5. Click Close P60 and Archive Reports.

Complete year end process

It's important that you complete this final step to close off the tax year.

  1. Click Year End, then click Complete year end process.
  2. Click Complete the Year End process.
  3. Click Yes.
  4. To continue without viewing it click No and proceed to step 7.
  5. Click Print Summary.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Read the information about what to do next and the deadline dates.
  8. Click Close Year End.

This year due to the late Budget, before you can process in the new tax year you must install v19. This will be available at the end of March, and will include the legislation changes.

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