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Year end warning: 'Date entered is outside current financial year'

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This guide explains why this message appears in Sage 50cloud Accounts and how to switch it off.


The message appears because the date you've entered is:

  • Before the start date of your current financial year.
  • After the end date of your current financial year.

 TIP: If required, you can prevent users from processing before a specified date - Read more >

To check your financial year start date:

  • Click the Settings menu then choose Financial Year. Your current financial year start date appears.

If it's after your financial year end date but you've not yet run the Year End option, don't worry, in Sage 50cloud Accounts you can post into the new financial year before you run your year end


If you don't want this message to appear each time you enter transactions dated in the next financial year, you can switch this setting on or off at any time, to do this:

  1. Click Settings then click Company Preferences and click the Parameters tab.
  2. Select the Pause outside Financial Year message check box then click OK.

That's it! You've now paused the message for dates in your next financial year.

NOTE: This message will still appear when you process transactions in your last financial year or more than one year ahead of the current financial year. For example, if your financial year is 2021, you'll not receive the message for 2022 but it'll appear for 2020 and 2023.

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