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MTD Module News

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Communication sent around the Making Tax Digital module for the Sage 200 suite.


This communication was sent 05 February 2019.


Sage 200 Extra Online

We're delighted to announce that the MTD module is now available.

The module is free of charge and is required for all customers using this product, who need to submit VAT.

To prepare for customers to submit correctly, please contact our partner team to request the MTD module.

Sage 200 Professional

Customers using Spring 2018 or Summer 2018 variants are MTD compliant, but the way the software communicates with the HMRC gateway varies to ensure the best approach for customers and allows them to move when they're ready.

Those on Sage 200 Spring 2018 Enhancements or Sage 200 Summer  2018 Enhancements, will need to modify and deploy a file on site to ensure that the product communicates with the new gateway. This file must not be deployed on a customer site until they're ready to submit through the MTD gateway. Full details are available on this article.

Those on Sage 200 Winter 2018 Enhancements, will not need to use this file and instead change a setting in the product when the customer is ready to submit to the new MTD gateway. Full details are available here.

Customers on earlier versions will need to use the MTD submission module, the options for each software version are available here. When the customer is ready to make the change and submit to the MTD gateway, you will need to install the module. Prior to that you should submit as usual.

Sage 200 Standard & Sage For Education

Contains functionality required for customers to process their VAT correctly. If they have multi-company submissions or require exchange rate calculations to be done then they will need the MTD module.

Essential Information

The MTD module, for use in conjunction with all variants of Sage 200, will check your product version as part of its entitlement validation.

If the version of Sage 200 we have registered for your customers does not match what you have installed, then the MTD module will not work.

If you wish to check any registration details, please contact our partner team.


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