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Sage MTD Adapter - Import VAT Returns from Sage 200

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Using the Sage MTD Adapter you can import VAT Returns from a spreadsheet or your software then submit them to HMRC.


Here we explain how to import VAT Returns from Sage 200. You can also import VAT returns from Microsoft Excel.


Your submission to HMRC must be for one VAT Registration number and one VAT Period only. Once you select your companies, any discrepancies are highlighted under Selected companies.

  1. Open the Sage MTD Adapter.
  2. Under Application, in the drop-down choose Sage 200.
     NOTE: If you are using Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education you will be asked to log in to the application. 
  3. Under Company, click the company you want to submit for, then click Choose Company.
  4. In the Select VAT Periods window, click the VAT period you want to submit, then click OK.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each company you want to include in your submission.

    The VAT Return section now shows the combined VAT figures ready to submit to HMRC.