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Sage 200 - Report Designer support boundaries for Business Partners

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Report Designer support boundaries for Business Partners


These support boundaries only apply to Report Designer versions issued with Sage 200 2015 or above. Queries with earlier versions of Report Designer will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine their complexity.

We provide a report writing service for Report Designer with Sage 200. As part of Sage 200 Services & Services Extra, your customers are entitled to three (3) free of charge requests from our Report Design Team on an annual basis. The full process as well as Terms & Conditions can be found here. The Report Design Team can also complete designs on your behalf for a chargeable fee of £500 + VAT per report/half days work.

Report Designer queries are supported on two levels - basic and advanced. All Report Designer queries require a submission via case management - here


What we don't support
Any type of reports for WTE (Web Time and Expenses) part of Project Accounting, BI (Business Intelligence) and CRM.
Any type of Management report or legislatively compliant reports, including (Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and certain Budget Reports).
Any queries relating to customised tables.
Any type of custom VAT Return.
Any type of custom Intrastat report.
Any type of drill down report.
Any report not related to Sage 200 or is linked to an area currently outside of the scope of this service, e.g. Sage Payroll or Sage 200 CRM.
Reports and layouts designed for product versions earlier than Sage 2011 Service Pack 7.
Report reconciliation i.e. comparing figures on reports.
Excel reports utilising any linking tool such as ODBC or Excel Integrated Reporting.
Reporting across multiple datasets/databases
Examples of basic report changes

Report Designer accreditation is not required for basic queries.

Editing the properties of a section, variable or basic expression. Cosmetic changes such as:

Adding existing variables to a report (with and without active complete).
Adding or edit a basic expression or 'if' statement (single).
Adding a sort to an ungrouped report.
Adding a report/page header.
Adding a group based on a standard variable.
Adding totals of existing variables/simple expressions.
Adding a basic filter or section filter.
Enabling existing criteria.
Adding or configure new criteria based on standard variables.
Adding basic conditional formatting.
Configuring email settings including secure PDF settings.
Adding a basic data join.
Formatting labels.
Converting a legacy report based on the standard sage catalogues.
Text style and formatting including add lines, boxes, images, barcodes, etc.
Resize and move objects using the marker blocks and properties pane.
Saving and naming reports.
Examples of advanced report changes

Report Designer accreditation is required for advanced queries.

Adding or edit an advanced expression or 'if' statement (multiple).
Adding totals to advanced expressions.
Adding an advanced filter or section filter.
Adding advanced conditional formatting.
Adding an advanced data join or multiple data joins.
Adding joins from different ledgers.
Sub reports (high level overview only. A chargeable webinar is available which goes into more detail regarding setting up, referring to fields from and exporting fields from the sub reports).
Converting a legacy report based on non-standard sage catalogues.
Report designer functions such as 'StringToInteger' or 'StringToFloat'.
Complex calculations such as those with multiple conditions.


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