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Requirements when using Remote Data Access

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This guide explains the minimum system requirements for Sage 50cloud Accounts Remote Data Access.


With Remote Data Access you and your colleagues can access your live Sage 50cloud Accounts data from remote locations via the Internet. To make sure you get the best from Remote Data Access there are some recommended requirements that you should check.

System requirements

To use Remote Data Access, we recommend the following:

  • Internet connection - We recommend all sites need a minimum of 4Mbps download speed and 2Mbps upload Speed. It's also recommended you do not use a wireless Internet connection. In Windows 10 you can run the Network Speed Test from the Start menu. Alternatively, check using an online site such as
  • Version numbers - Check all computers have the same Sage 50 Accounts version number and the latest updates are installed. You must be using Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 or above.

 NOTE: To have access to Remote Data Access you must have Sage 50cloud Accounts or Sage 50 Accounts v27 or above on subscription.

Setting up Remote Data Access

When you first set up Remote Data Access, to ensure a smooth process, we recommend the following:

  • Encryption passphrase - During the setup process you enter an encryption passphrase. It's important to remember this password for when you download data at remote sites. In Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 and above, the manager user can check the passphrase within the Remote Data Access Settings on the Settings menu.
  • Sage ID login - Each individual remote Sage user that uses Remote Data Access should have their own Sage ID login.

NOTE: Using Remote Data Access during the Coronavirus lockdown - If your data is stored at your office premises we recommend either your IT department or a designated user has remote access via remote desktop, VPN etc to your server to ensure you can perform any essential routines required.

Using Remote Data Access at a remote site

In Sage 50cloud Accounts v28, you can perform any process at any site.

If you haven't yet installed your update and you're using Sage 50cloud Accounts v27, there are certain procedures that we recommend you only complete at the main site.

  • Large processes - we recommend that any large processes, for example, year end, clear audit trail, maintenance tools etc. are carried out at the main site.
  • Attachments - when adding attachments to customer and supplier records, you must add these at the main site as these do not sync when added from a remote site.
  • Direct Bank Feeds - you can only use direct bank feeds at the main site.
  • GoCardless - you can only use GoCardless/Direct Debit manager at the main site.
  • Microsoft 365 integration setup - you can only set up Microsoft 365 integration at the main site. However, once set up, you can use all Microsoft 365  integration features at the remote site except for document storage.
  • Company Preferences - You can only amend your company name, address, telephone and VAT registration number details at the main site.

Next steps

Once you've made the above checks, you're ready to get started with Remote Data Access. Find out more in our step-by-step guide. Read more >

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