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Sage Practice Solution v2.3

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This guide outlines what's included in Sage Practice Solution (SPS) v.2.3


SPS v2.3 is now available to download. To help you get the most from your software, take a look at what's included.


What's new in SPS v2.3

Improvements in error messaging

We've updated our error messages, prompts and dialogue boxes. They're easier to understand and we've added links to our support pages so you can get help when you need it.

Platform support

SPS 2.3 is certified on SQL Server 2019 and 2017

Support for Sage 50 Accounts v28

SPS v2.3 provides support for Sage 50cloud Accounts v28

Security and Technical updates

We've made general security, technical and performance improvements to this release

Download and install Sage Practice Solution v2.3

If you're using Sage Practice Solution across multiple computers, using the network installation on the server computer will make sure you only run the update on one computer.

Before you update

  1. Make sure you have applied all Windows updates on your server computer and workstations before updating Sage Practice Solution.
  2. Review the Sage Practice Solution installation guide.
  3. Make sure that your connected Sage 50 Accounts data is up to date.
  4. Make sure you have installed Sage 50 Accounts on your server computer.

Install Sage Practice Solution v2.3

First check your version number, if you've yet to install v2.2 do that now.

Download Sage Practice Solution v2.2 now > 

If you already use v2.2.0.168 you can install v2.3 now >

  1. On your Sage Practice Solution server computer, log on to Windows as a user with local administrator and full administrator network access rights on the server computer you are installing Sage Practice Solution.
  2. Close all other programs and make sure all users are logged out of Sage Practice Solution.
  3. If you have client integration enabled, make sure all users are logged out of all other Sage programs.
  4. If you are updating an existing installation, back up your data.
  5. Download the update to your desktop or your preferred location.
  6. Double-click the downloaded file, SPS_v2.3_partial.exe.
  7. Follow the instructions for the relevant installation type you need.
  8. After updating, if prompted to re-licence your software, use this tool >
  9. If required, to configure your link to Sage 50cloud Accounts, follow this guide >

Once your Sage Practice Solution server computer has updated, your workstations will automatically update when you next open Sage Practice Solution.

TIP: Remember, you can now create licence details for SPS online yourself using the following tool >