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Employing temporary staff

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This guide explains the steps you need to take when employing temporary staff in Sage 50 Payroll.


If you're taking on extra temporary staff to help out during a busy period, you simply set them up as a new employee and process them as normal until their employment is finished.

Add the new employee

The new employee will need their own record in payroll. It's quick and easy to do, let's take a look. Read more >

Temporary staff and automatic enrolment

If you're using the Pensions Module, you need to leave the pension scheme details blank when you set up the employee's record.

You can use the postponement option if you need to postpone the automatic enrolment of new employees for up to three months. Read more >

Process as a leaver

When the employment is over, you need to process and update the employee's final pay period as normal. You can then process them as a leaver. Read more >


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