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Sage 200 - What's new in Sage 200 Professional Summer 2017 Enhancements

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Sage 200 Professional was released in summer 2017. The release is the first in a series of releases to launch Sage 200 in the UK and Ireland. Sage 200 includes Standard and Professional.


Sage 200 introduces connected services of which the first will be Sage Bank Feeds. Subsequent releases will introduce Microsoft integration services.

With that in mind Sage 200 has three key themes:

  • Connected data
  • Customer experience
  • Simplicity

Sage 200 has been built on direct customer feedback with customers telling us that simplifying their business processes is key and improving the user experience to become more productive on a daily basis is what really matters to them.

Highlights include:

  • Sage Bank Feeds – secure, rich, high quality, timely bank data flows directly in to Sage 200.
  • Purchase Requisitions – Quick and easy web requisition entry, authorisation and generate orders.
  • Invoicing - Fast, effective invoice entry making the day to day easier. Ideal for service industries or those with no despatch process.
  • Click Once Installer – Improve the whole install and upgrade process with the introduction of Click Once technology.
  • Top customer requested ideas – we've delivered on the most voted items from the customer ideas hub including hide Sales/Purchase accounts, rapid purchase invoice entry, additional SOP status, Nominal Analysis and Error Corrections  – all based on direct customer feedback

A detailed list of new features and benefits per module is provided within this guide.


New features and benefits in Sage 200 Professional

More information can be found via the program helpfiles which can be accessed here.

A list of fixed issues can be found here.

Feature Details Benefits Location in software
Bank Feeds
  • Bank balances and transaction details will be available in near/real time once the customer has authorised their bank to do so.
  • Direct bank feeds from the top high street banks flow straight into Sage 200 creating transactions within the bank feeds form.
  • Users can check and authorise transactions.
  • Secure, accurate and timely bank data flows seamlessly into Sage 200.
  • Efficient processing of banking data removing the need to manually re-key data.
  • Reduce human error by automating activity from your bank in to Sage 200.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Greater control over your data.
Send to Excel
  • Over 80% of customers take Sage 200 data into Excel and find the process cumbersome.
  • Export to Excel allows customers to send data to Excel in a single click with:
  • The header and footer information removed prior to display in Excel
  • Auto-filtering on all columns with headers enabled prior to display report in Excel
  • Adopting the latest version of Sage Report Designer which is compatible with .NET 4
  • Single click export
  • Improved productivity
  • Removing the need to manually, manipulate data
  • A video on the feature can be found here.
Excel Reporting for Sage 200 - financial pack and nominal analysis
  • This work is to remove the conditionality around selected reports which are only available in Sage 200 Services.
  • Selected reports are the financial pack reports and the nominal transactions report – these are now available out of the box.
  • We have also made changes to automatically enable the stock pack when a customer buys Services Extra.
  • Better reporting out of the box.
  • Enabling customers to see the value of the full Excel Reporting which is available within Sage 200 Services Extra.


  • Following customer feedback, with invoicing being the number one wish, we have introduced a standalone invoicing module.
  • Invoicing introduces a new, easy and quick way for you to create invoices to send to your customers.
  • Great for creating invoices and credit notes with no despatch process. Ideal for service industries, those without despatch process or have no lead time between order and invoice despatch
  • Fast, effective invoice entry making the day to day processing easier.
  • Reduce human error by removing need to re-key information.
  • Ideal for service industries or those with no despatch process.
  • Rapid data entry.
  • Reducing the cost of entry with invoicing available out of the box as part of the Sage 200 platform.
  • Greater usability
Financials and Commercials

Purchase Requisitions

  • Following customer feedback the new purchase requisitions feature provides an easy way to enter requisitions for either stock or free text items regardless of whether you know the supplier or stock code, authorise them, and generate orders.
  • Authorisation rules let you control who can authorise the requisitions.
  • You can enter and authorise requisitions when you're on the move using the remote user. This means that you only need a remote user licence, and don't need access to the full desktop app.
  • Quick and easy web requisition entry, authorisation and generate orders.
  • Reduce human error be removing need to re-key information.
  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Giving you control with authorisation rules.
  • Full visibility and audit of requests through to Purchase orders.
  • Reducing the cost of entry as reduces the need for add-ons.
  • Reducing administrative burden.
Remote user Purchase Orders

Hide Sales and Purchase accounts

  • Following customer feedback hiding of Sales & Purchase ledger accounts that are no longer used will allow customers to more effectively report and analyse their data without having to include trader accounts that they no longer trade with
  • Increase speed and efficiency by enabling greater speed of data entry.
  • Removing the need to manually remove accounts from lists and reports.
  • Reduce human error by hiding redundant accounts.
  • Greater usability.
  • More friendly reporting.

SOP Status

  • Following customer feedback, we have added the ability to extend the status of sales order will allow users to report the exact state of the sales order to cover Allocations, Dispatches and Invoiced status.
  • Allows customers to quickly track the status of a sales order.
  • Gain greater control over your Sales book with greater in sight of the Sales order status.
  • More in depth reporting available at each stage of the sales order process.
  • Clear visibility of orders and any blockers in the sales cycle.
  • Greater usability.
  • Improves product quality and ease of use.

Rapid Purchase Invoice

  • Following customer feedback, we have introduced the ability to enter purchase invoices for multiple lines and trading accounts in a grid format rather than having to enter individually.
  • Improved productive by saving valuable time on data entry tasks.
  • Reduces human error by copying previously entered data.
  • Reduce duplication of data by checking transactions before saving.
  • Greater usability.

Nominal Analysis

  • Following customer feedback, we have added the ability to store analysis codes on each nominal record to allow greater depth of analysis and reporting would vastly improve the reporting capabilities of Sage 200, given that nominal is the core area of the product.
  •  20 analysis codes have been introduced for nominal accounts to provide parity with all other analysis codes within Sage 200.
  • Improved reporting and enquiries for nominal ledger.
  • Greater depth of analysis.
  • Allows customers to capture more data against individual nominal records.

Error Corrections

  • Continuing the work already delivered for corrections in v2015 and v2016.
  • Customers now have the ability to amend :
  • Trader invoices & credit notes
  • Trader payments & receipts


  • Simplifying transactions processing to save time.
  • Maintain accurate data to improve quality of reporting.
Sales and Purchase

Improved UI - Remote user

  • Following customer feedback, we've updated the user interface for the remote user so it’s now quick and easy to navigate to reports and workspaces.
  • Greater usability.
  • Improves product quality and ease of use.
  • Quick and easy navigation.
Remote user

Click Once installer

  • Once installed on the server all client PCs will be prompted to update when they connect to the server to run Sage 200 so installing upgrades becomes faster and easier.
  • Speed of upgrade and install across customer site.
  • Reduce cost of upgrade as speedier process.
  • Greater usability.
  • Adopt new features and technology faster and at a lower cost.

Freezing Assembly Version

  • We have frozen the assembly versions meaning third party development work will continue to link to the latest versions, thus mitigating the risk of "breaking" add on integration.
  • Faster adoption of upgrades.
  • Lower cost of adoption as no need for new versions of third party development.
  • Greater user experience.

Second Reference on Transaction Enquiry

  • Previously the second reference could not be viewed on the transaction enquiry screen.
  • Following customer feedback the second reference has been added as a default column.
  • Improves product quality and ease of use.
  • Greater usability.
  • More detailed enquiry screen leading to better quality data and improved user efficiencies.
Aged Debtors and Creditors - Portrait Reports
  • Customers who migrate from Sage 50 are used to Portrait reports.
  • Following customer feedback from you, the portrait versions of these reports are now available 'out the box' rather than as an extra downloaded report.
  • Greater usability.
  • Improved reporting.
HMRC - new online gateway
  • HMRC have confirmed that in Feb 2018 the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) channel will be decommissioned and the existing services will be migrated to new services by that date.
  • EDI is to be dropped and all electronic returns must be made via a new end point
  • The new service is available from 1st August 2017
  • Work to ensure customers can continue to make online submissions via Sage 200 using the replacement service for HMRC Gateway

NB: Customers on older versions can submit online by manually entering the data into the new gateway


  • Available time by removing the need to re-key.
  • Reducing the risk of human error.

CRM: Adopt latest version of CRM

Note: Only applicable to Sage 200 Professional

  • Integration with Sage CRM CRM 2017 R2
  • Adoption of CRM connector version 4.1
  • All the latest functionality from the latest release of CRM.


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