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How to raise a new case with Developer Services via Case Manager

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Developers are now able to log new cases with the Developer Services team online. This article explains how to log a new case, update an existing case and how to ensure you provide sufficient information to help the team resolve the query as quickly as possible for you and your customers.


How to access Case Manager

To access Case Manager please visit

How to log a new case
  1. Click the Add New case tab.
  2. Choose the appropriate company name from the list.
  3. Choose the product registration from the drop-down list, for example, Sage 200 Base Platform.
  4. Select the classification that best describes the area of the software you wish to raise a case for.

    NOTE: Ensure you select the correct classification otherwise this may cause a delay in the response time for your case.

  5. Select a contact name from the drop-down list; enter your own reference number if necessary and then a Summary to describe the nature of the case.
  6. Choose the Priority from the drop-down list. This must be set in accordance with the Business Impact (see step 8).
  7. When completing the Comments field, please provide as much detail as possible. This will assist us in attempting to resolve your case first time. Where necessary, please include the following details:
    • A detailed explanation of the problem.
    • Steps to replicate the issue and whether or not you can replicate in a test environment.
    • Any relevant code examples.
    • If the customer is not using the latest version of the software, can the problem be replicated in this version?
    • Full Product Version Number (Build number).
    • Operating system.
    • Details of any troubleshooting already carried out.

      NOTE: if you log a case without the required level of detail explained above, your case may have its priority level downgraded. You must ensure you include all relevant information including screenshots and relevant attachments where necessary.

  8. For the Business Impact, please let us know how the case is affecting yourself and/or your customer. The priority level selected earlier may be lowered by the Developer Support team if a detailed business impact is not provided. Read more.
  9. Enter the Product Version number, for example, 2015.
  10. Select the Operating System and Database Versions.
  11. Click Save.
Adding attachments

You can add attachments to your case to assist with the Developer Support team with the investigation once you have saved your case. Simply select the case from the list in the My cases tab and select the 'Choose file' button in the Add Attachments section.

During cases
  • Wherever possible keep one main contact throughout the lifespan of a case raised.
  • Please refrain from creating duplicate cases for the same query as this adds confusion and may slow down our response.
  • When asked to provide answers to questions regarding your query or problem, please make every attempt to fully supply the technician with the detail required.
  • Housekeeping comments will be appended to your cases where the answer is available in our digital material or insufficient troubleshooting has been performed. These comments will be used to analyse a partners performance.
Updating cases

If, whilst you're waiting for an update from the Developer Support team, you wish to add additional details regarding the case, select the case from the list in the My cases tab and select the 'Update' link. Add the necessary details and then save your update.

Following up cases
  • For any cases on a status of solution given our system will send 2 chase emails and then a closure notification. We would ask all our business partners to let us know if the solution provided resolved the problem, if not what the alternative solution was. This will assist us in helping you and your fellow business partners in the future.
  • For cases on a status of more info, we cannot progress the cases without information from yourselves. The system will send 2 auto chase emails and then a closure notice.
  • We would ask all Business Partners to give us the information we need to progress as quickly as possible.
Tips for logging new cases:

To ensure you get the most from Case Manager, remember to stick to the tips and recommendations below. This will help us deal with your query in the fastest time possible and improve the experience for our customers.

  • Bookmark the easy-access URL so you always have it handy.
  • Ensure you use the correct classification category - this means we can assign it to the relevant technician without delay.
  • The Summary should contain a short sentence that explains the nature of the problem rather than other text such as 'issue' or 'Sage 200 problem'.
  • For the Comments box, please remember to include as much information about the issue as possible. This should include details such as version numbers, troubleshooting already carried out, steps taken to resolve, code examples etc.…
  • The priority level is crucial in determining the extent of the issue and how it affects your customer. Please ensure you provide a quantified Business Impact in all cases in accordance with the priority level you have selected. Failure to do so may delay the investigation of the case.
  • Once you've saved your case, remember to add any attachments that will assist us with the case. This may include any log files or screenshots of error messages.
Common questions
How long does it take to respond to new cases?

Cases are assigned a unique reference number the moment you save them. They will usually be assigned to a technician the same working day, or the next working day if raised after 4 pm Monday to Friday. Cases will be investigated accordingly and you will receive an update within the timescales associated with the priority level and business impact you entered when raising the case.

Why can I not raise Priority 1 and Priority 2 cases online?

We have a maximum of 3 Priority Levels in Developer Services (3, 4 & 5). Priority 1 and 2 cases are for our Business Partners and do not refer to Developer Services.

Can I close an cases online?

If you wish to close an cases online, simply use the Update option to advise that you wish to close it. Where relevant, please advise if the solution offered resolved the problem, along with any other useful information. This will help us to provide a quicker resolution for any other Developers or Customers who may be affected by the same issue at a later date.

What if I don't fill in the required details or simply don't have all of the necessary information?

As per our usual requirements, we ask that before cases are raised online, all Developers carry out their own investigations including any necessary troubleshooting to help resolve the issue. This includes searching the Help Files, Ask Sage, Known Issues database before raising any cases. If you raise a case with insufficient detail or where it is evident that there has been little or no troubleshooting, we may refer you to these resources or ask that you investigate further in order to provide the necessary details so we can then proceed with our investigations.


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