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Troubleshooting email issues

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This guide explains how to resolve common issues you may experience when emailing your documents from Sage 50cloud Accounts or Sage 50cloud Payroll.


You may experience issues when trying to email your reports and layouts. Let's take a look at how to resolve these.


When you email your documents, most of the time this works without a hitch, however there may be times where things don't go as planned.  We've gathered together the most common issues our customers have experienced.  

Click on the issue you're experiencing below to find the best solution.

An error message appears

One of the following message may appear when you try to email:

  • 'Unable to send all emails.'
  • 'ExtendedErrorCode.COMError: "Generic COM Error'
  • 'Failed to output to email'
  • 'Error with the address Unknown Error. Please check Windows Event Log for more details.'

These errors can indicate an issue with your email setup, installation or layout.

To resolve the error, you must follow the steps in our help guide.

Email settings are missing

The following message may appear when you try to email:

'The email settings for this report are not fully configured. Do you want to send the entire report as an attachment?'

This means that the layout you're using hasn't been set up for email. You can either use a standard layout that has been set up for email, or enter email settings your own layout.

No emails are generated

If your software shows the message 'The report has successfully output to email', but you can't see it in Microsoft Outlook, check the Inbox, Drafts and Sent Items folders of your default mailbox.

If you're using webmail,  the email is sent directly from Sage to your recipient using your email provider's SMTP settings. It doesn't communicate with your mailbox directly and doesn't appear in any of the folders.

The format of the document is wrong

If the format of the document is wrong when you preview it from within your software, for example it is missing a logo or text, you can customise it using Report Designer.

Email has been sent to a different folder

If your software confirms the email has been sent, but you can't find it in your Drafts folder, check your Inbox and Sent Items folders. When applying email settings, provider MAPI will send documents to your Inbox, whereas Microsoft Outlook will send them to your Drafts folder.

The email settings are wrong

If your email settings are wrong, for example the subject contains a spelling mistake, you can amend the email settings.

The recipient hasn't received their document

If the recipient  doesn't receive the email, check the following:

    • If using Outlook, you have sent the email from your Inbox or Drafts folder.
    • Other recipients have received their email.
    • Your recipient has checked their spam and junk folders.
    • You have the correct email address for them entered in your software.

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