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Undo a bank reconciliation or unreconcile a transaction

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This guide explains how to undo a bank reconciliation in Sage 50cloud Accounts if you ever make a mistake when reconciling your bank account.


When reconciling your bank accounts, there may be times where you reconcile one or more bank transactions in error. If this happens, don't worry, you can easily correct this by undoing the bank reconciliation.

There are three different ways to do this:

Restore a backup

If you have a backup that you took before you reconciled, and it's practical to restore back to that point in time, then this is a quick and simple solution to reverse a bank reconciliation completely - Find out more >

Unflag the transactions

If you don't have a backup, or restoring isn't practical, you can manually remove the bank reconciliation flag from each individual transaction.

  1. On the navigation bar click Transactions, select the required transaction then click Edit.
  2. Clear the Bank rec on check box, click Save then click Yes.
    TIP: To avoid confusion, we recommend you also remove any .pdf file that's linked to the bank reconciliation you're undoing.
  3. On the navigation bar click Bank accounts
  4. Double-click the required bank account then click Memo.
  5. Double-click Statements
  6. Right-click the statement you want to remove, then click Delete.
  7. Click Save, then Close.

Reverse the bank reconciliation

If you want to reverse your reconciliations back to a specific point rather than amending individual transactions, you can do this quickly in Sage 50cloud Accounts v25 and above using the Reverse a reconciliation option.

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