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Change the year end date on a client dataset

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This guide explains how to change the year end date for a client dataset in Sage Accounts Production SAP.


Step 1 – Changing the year end date

  1. Open the Client.
  2. Select Settings, and then click Dataset Settings.
  3. Click the Period Dates tab.
  4. Click into  Dataset Year End  and type the new year end date for the client then click OK
  5. Following the message “Do you want the system to readjust the period ranges?”  Click yes. You will notice the From and To dates will reflect the date entered in step 4.
    NOTE: The To date will automatically revert to 12 months, if your client year is longer than 12 months change the From date to match you client start date.
  6. Click OK then click yes.  Once the process is complete you will notice the new year end date on the bottom status bar.

Step 2 – Changing the year end date on the client list

  1. Select the required client dataset click Edit
  2. Change the Accounts Description to the correct client year end date and click OK.

Step 3 – Backup and restore the dataset to the correct location

  1. To back up a single client, please refer to this article >
  2. To restore the data set, refer to this article >
    TIP: Remember to change the client year date after the restore.
  3. Once step 2 has been completed. The client list duplicates the datasets, one dataset will have the new correct details and the other will have the old incorrect ones. Once you are happy, you can delete the dataset with the incorrect details.
    Please note, deleting a dataset will remove the client from the system and cannot be recovered unless you have a backup.