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How do I create a supplier remittance?

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This guide explains how to create a supplier remittance in Sage 50cloud Accounts.


NOTE: This guide applies to Sage 50cloud Accounts Standard and above. If you use Sage 50 Accounts Essentials, please refer to our alternative guide

Sending your supplier a remittance along with your payment helps to reduce errors and payment queries, as it shows your supplier exactly which invoices you've paid. It's quick and easy to generate a remittance at the same time as you post your supplier payment.


Choose when to create remittances

You can either create remittances automatically every time you post a supplier payment, or generate them just for the payments you choose. To select your preference:

  1. Click Settings then click Bank Defaults.
  2. Enter your preferred setting as follows:
    • To automatically create a remittance for every supplier payment, select the Always Create Remittance check box.
    • To generate remittances only for the payments you choose, clear the Always Create Remittance check box.
  3. Click OK.

TIP: Just so you know, if you import payment transactions, remittances aren't created when you later allocate the payments to invoices.

Create a remittance

Supplier remittances are created at the point you enter your supplier payment.

  1. Click Bank accounts then select the bank account from which you want to pay your supplier.
  2. Click Supplier payment, or on the Payments drop-down, click Supplier payment.
  3. Enter your supplier payment details as normal. Read more >
  4. If you didn't choose to automatically generate remittances, to create a remittance for this payment, click Create Remittance.

    If you chose to automatically create a remittance for every supplier payment, a remittance is created automatically when you save the payment.

  5. Click Save then click Close.

You've now generated a supplier remittance for your payment and you can view this at any time in the Bank accounts, Remittances option. If you can't see a Remittances option on the toolbar, you can find it in the Payments drop-down. 

TIP: If you create a remittance but don't save the supplier payment, the remittance still appears in the Remittances window. Don't worry, if you don't need it you can easily delete the remittance from this window. 

Next steps

When you're ready, the final step is to send the remittance to your supplier, you can: