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Send reports and payslips by email

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This guide shows you how to send payslips and reports by email using Sage 50cloud Payroll.


Before you can start emailing your documents, you need to ensure your email settings are correct, depending on the email service you use. Let's take a look at them together.



Before you can email a payslip or report to your employees, there's a few preparation steps to carry out first.

Microsoft Outlook Outlook should be set as the default email program on your computer and you must apply email settings to your document. Read more >
Webmail You can use services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft 365 to email your documents. As these are cloud based services, you'll need to configure your SMTP settings. Read more >
Set up your employees to receive document by email You can specify which employees have agreed to receive documents electronically and on which date this was confirmed. You can also set up a password to protect these documents from being opened by an unauthorised person. Read more >

Email a payslip

  1. Select the relevant employee, then click Pre-update reports.
  2. Click Email, then use one of our standard email payslips.
  3. Click Email.

Email a report

You can email different reports to your employees, such as a P45.

  1. Locate and select the report you want to use, then click Email.
  2. If required, enter your criteria, then click OK.
    A missing email settings screen appears.


  3. Click Yes, then select your Provider and Format.


  4. Click OK.


There may be times when your documents fail to email or don't look as expected when you open them.

You can use our email troubleshooting guide to fix any issues you may experience.

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