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Management reports

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The management reports available in Sage 50 Accounts and how to run them.


Management reports show the overall value or profitability of your business over a period of time. They summarise all areas of your business into a few reports, including balance sheet, profit and loss and trial balance reports.


Types of management reports

Balance sheet Show the worth of your business at a period in time. It details your company's assets and liabilities. Find out more >
Profit and loss Show the performance of your business over a specified period of time. It shows values for sales, purchases, expenses and overheads, then your company's total profit or loss. Find out more >
Trial Balance Show each nominal code balance up to a specified period. The balances display as debits or credits. Find out more >

 Run a management report

  1. On the navigation bar, click Nominal codes.
  2. Click your management report, for example Profit and loss.
  3. Click the action you want to take, for example, Preview or Print then click Run.
  4. Select the period and chart of accounts you want to use, then click OK.

Run a management report for a previous financial year

To produce a balance sheet, profit and loss or trial balance report for a previous financial year, the best option is to run the relevant report from within the previous year's archive data.

If you didn't archive your data, provided you haven't cleared the audit trail for the reporting period, you can run the transactional management reports. You can run these within your current data to show your prior year figures excluding your year end journals.

 NOTE: Sage 50 Accounts Essentials doesn't include these reports. You must use your archive data. 

Run a management report for date range

If you need to run a management report for a specific date range instead of periods, you can use transactional management reports.


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