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Software freezes when running year end

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This guide explains why your year end process may appear to hang or freeze in Sage 50cloud Accounts and what you need to do to complete it.


The year end process can take a long time to complete if there's a large amount of data or it's running across a network. This means it may appear to hang or crash, but don't worry, it's still processing in the background, even if the Windows Task Manager shows Not Responding.

You should allow the process to complete, but if you've already forced your software to close, let's get you back on track to run the year end again.


If you close out of the software, the year end process won't complete and errors will be reported in Check Data.

We can resolve this in two simple steps:

  1. Restore the backup you took before running the year end.
  2. Run the year end process again. If you're running Sage 50cloud Accounts on a network, the year end will run quicker on the computer that holds the data.

That's it! Your year end is running again and it will notify you once it's complete.

Don't have a backup to restore?

Most customers find that restoring the backup is the quickest and easiest solution, but if your year end was run some time ago and it's not practical to restore a backup, you can send the data to us for repair. Bear in mind, when we repair data we may need to remove transactions and may not be able to provide details of these. You must stop processing while we have your data.

If you want to send the data in for repair, please contact us.


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