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Apply a net value discount to invoices and sales orders

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In Sage 50 Accounts you can apply a one off or net value discount to the value of an entire customer invoice, credit note, order or quote. You can apply these discounts as a set value or as a percentage of the total value. The net value discount option is not available in Sage 50 Accounts Essentials.


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TIP: Alternatively, on an invoice you can enter a negative line on your invoice by selecting the Make negative check box in the Edit Item Line window. Read more >

  1. Create your quotation, sales invoice, credit note or sales order as normal.
  2. Click the Details tab then in the Deduction section in the Description column click the drill button
  3. In the Edit Item Line window complete the Description and Comment boxes as appropriate.
  4. To enter a discount as a percentage of the net invoice or order value complete the Discount % box or to enter a one off discount value complete the Disc. box then click OK.

    The Net value discount is then apportioned between the number of item lines on the invoice/order.

  5. If the invoice or order is now complete click Save then click Close.

When you print an invoice or order with a net value discount, the net value discount is printed as the final item line in the body of the invoice.

If you add, remove or amend items the Net Value Discount does not recalculate automatically. To recalculate, please follow the steps from step 2.

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