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Check your data is in good health

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How to use the Check Data option in Sage 50 Accounts, to make sure there's nothing wrong with your company accounts data.


You can use the Check Data option to check the validity of your data files. You should run it regularly, especially before taking a backup or after restoring your data.

 TIP: Using the Data management feature ensures a healthy set of data. 

Before you start

If you have a multi user licence, all other users must log out before you can check your data. Alternatively, you can use the Backup manager to run automatic checks and backups while users are working in the data.

How to check your data

In Sage 50 Accounts, click File then click Maintenance and click Check Data.

The Check Data option examines the data files to detect errors and groups any issues into the following categories:

  • Errors - you must stop processing until they have been resolved and no longer appear
  • Warnings - we recommend you fix these before continuing
  • Comments - these are for information only, we recommend you check these from time to time

Next steps

There are no problems reported
  1. If there are no problems, a message appears, click OK.
  2. Click Close then click Close.
There are problems reported
If there are problems with your data, the File Maintenance Problems Report appears. To find out how to fix any errors, warnings and comments, please refer to the following guides:

Congratulations, you've successfully checked your data, remember to make it part of your regular routine.

Further recommended checks

To help protect your data, we recommend you also configure your antivirus software and occasionally check that your data volume isn't exceeding recommended limits:

How to modify your antivirus software to work alongside Sage 50 Accounts

Recommended data limits