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The Sage Accounts ODBC Driver

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We have produced an Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) driver for Sage 50 Accounts. Using this driver, you can read your Sage 50 Accounts data files using other software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word.


Which software can I use with the ODBC driver?

To be able to use your software with the ODBC driver, it must be ODBC compliant. Any software written using FoxPro, Visual Basic Professional or Visual C++ is ODBC compliant, and can be used to access your Sage Accounts data files.

What kind of things can I do with the ODBC driver?

  • Produce letters for your customers or suppliers in Microsoft Word, using information taken from your Sage Accounts data.
  • Produce graphs based on your Sage Accounts data within Microsoft Excel.
  • Transfer your data from Sage Accounts to Microsoft Access for analysis.
  • Use Crystal Reports to produce additional reports based on your Sage Accounts data.

Can I update my Sage Accounts data using the ODBC driver?

The ODBC driver is read-only, so you can only retrieve data from Sage Accounts into other software. You can't use the ODBC driver to update information back into Sage Accounts.

For downloads to install 64 bit ODBC driver, as well as 32 bit - Click here >

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