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Sage 200 - Santander Ebanking file format change January 2024

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We have been made aware of a communication that has been sent out to some customers from Santander advising that they will no longer be accepting BACS formatted files for Bulk Faster Payments. This will commence on the 9th January 2024. This means that customers will no longer be able to directly use the BACS file outputted from Sage 200 for Bulk Faster Payments when uploading on Santander's website


The Santander e-banking plug-in is formatted to only output as the standard BACS format and not in Bulk Faster Payment format.

Where some slight confusion may have arisen from the communication, is that Santander have previously accepted the simpler BACS format exported by the Sage 200 program and deemed the file suitable for Faster Payments. This will stop as of the 9th of January 2024.

From the 9th January 2024, customers can continue to use and process E-Payments in Sage as normal, no changes will need to be applied. Customers will just need to be aware that payments will be have to be processed as standard BACS payments.