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Purchase orders from Sales orders

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Create a Purchase order from a Sales order using the Generate PO option in Sage 50 Professional.


In Sage 50 Accounts v29.2 you can now create a Purchase order from a Sales order, removing the need to duplicate work and save you time. 

  • Quickly create one or more Purchase orders from one or more Sales orders 
  • Configure options such as using your Customer delivery address on the Purchase order to ensure the goods are delivered directly to your customer

NOTE: The Purchase Orders module is only available in Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Within the Create purchase orders from sales orders window, the products from the sales order are shown and the Create purchase order(s) button can be used to create a purchase order on a per supplier record basis.


 NOTE: This feature is available in Sage 50 Accounts v29.2. If you're using a previous version you can upgrade to the latest version here.


To create a new Purchase order from a Sales order:

  1. Click Sales orders then click New and enter your details as required.
  2. Click Generate PO.


  1. Click Yes to save the sales order.


 NOTE: If you've saved the sales order you'll immediately see the Create purchase orders from sales orders window.


  1. Select which products and the Quantity to order that are required on the new purchase order. These amounts can be edited or the products deselected.

 NOTE: The Quantity to order doesn't calculate using the In Stock or Re-order Level fields in the product record. The field will only show the values on the sales order. For example, if the shortfall is 1 and the sales order has a quantity of 100, the purchase order will show 100 to place on order. 

  1. The Cost price will be the Last Cost Price (standard) in the product record or a price list. Check this is correct and edit if required as this will be the price on the purchase order.
  2. The Supplier A/C will display from your product record, this can be edited by choosing from your list of Suppliers.
  3. Select the delivery address for the purchase order in the PO delivery address field. Choose from:
  • Sales order delivery address
  • Supplier delivery address
  • Customer delivery address
  1. The PO due date is the date from the sales order, this can be changed if required.

 NOTE: An information icon will appear to alert you if there's already sufficient stock, the product is part of bill of materials or if the credit limit for the supplier has been exceeded.


 TIP: You can use the Automatically place all created purchase orders on order checkbox to save time.

  1. Click Create purchase order to generate the order.

That's it.  You can now process the purchase order as normal.