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What is Invoice Finance? - UK only

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This guide explains the Invoice Finance option within Sage 50 Accounts v29.


If you have revenue tied up in unpaid invoices and struggle with short term cashflow, you can free up cash from your unpaid invoices using invoice finance.

With clients taking up to 90 days to pay their debts, invoice finance is a good way to ensure you have enough cash to pay suppliers and invest in growing your business.

How does invoice financing work?

When you issue an invoice that has payment terms, those funds are then held by your customer for a preset number of days, either 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. This means that you have already spent money to provide the goods or services but won't get anything back until the term is completed.

Invoice finance solves this problem by giving you cash advances based on the outstanding invoices. You can choose which eligible invoices you would like to fund and how long you would like to fund them for, and once approved, the funds are then paid into your nominated bank account. You can then track this via your Sage 50 Accounts software. 

Satago advance up to 90% of the total invoice value. This means that money is available to invest in materials or other business costs before the customer pays the balance. 

Types of Invoice Finance

There are two types of Invoice Finance available with Satago. 

  • Selective invoice finance - this allows you to request finance for individual invoices
  • Full invoice finance - this allows you to receive finance for all eligible invoices

It is simple to move between these types of finance as your business requirements change. 

Here's a table which explains the difference between Single Invoice Finance and Full Invoice Finance. 

Single Invoice Finance

Available in Version 29 and above

Full Invoice Finance

Available in Version 29.2 and above. 

No fixed contract 12 month contract with monthly membership fee
Choose individual invoices to fundFund all eligible invoices

Disclosed - Satago contact each customer directly for verification

Confidential - Satago doesn't contact every customer, only verifies a sample

Priced individually per invoiceClear and simple pricing agreed in advance
Invoices must be within agreed payment termsFund an invoice up to 120 days past invoice due date

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up?

You can find out how to sign up and the criteria required by opening the set up guide >

Want to find out more?

You can look at Satago's digital content on invoice finance and how it works. Visit Satago >

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