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Online Payslips: an employee’s guide

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How to set up online payslips for employees in Sage Payroll.


With our new Online Payslips feature, you’re able to view and download your payslips and P60s online or via the Sage HR mobile app.


You can download the app from the following locations:

Download the Sage HR mobile app for Android (opens in new tab).

Download the Sage HR mobile app for Apple (opens in a new tab).

This does not replace the previous option to print and email payslips. If you want to continue receiving your payslips and P60s via email or print, you should mention this to your employer.

The benefits of using Online Payslips are that:

  • payslips are automatically published when your employer completes a pay run
  • your personal information is securely stored

If you'd prefer to watch a video on how to use this feature, take a look at our video Online Payslips in Sage Payroll for Employees (opens in new tab).

Set up Online Payslips

Before you set up Online Payslips, we recommend using Sage HR on desktop and tablet devices using the following internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

Use the latest version of the browser for the best experience.

Online Payslips is also responsive on mobile.

Your employer will have taken the necessary steps to invite you to use the new feature. Check your inbox for an email from [email protected] with steps on how to access your payslips and P60s. If you have lost the email, or it has expired, let your employer know so they can resend it to you. Your invitation email will expire 24 hours after being sent.

If you already have a Sage account, you can log in straight away. If you do not have a Sage account, you’ll need to create one before logging in. Check your invitation email for steps on creating a Sage account.

View and download your payslips and P60s

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to see your payslips and P60s side-by-side. Use the tabs to flick between the two.

You’ll also see a Download button on each individual payslip and P60 that you can download a copy of to your computer. These will automatically download in a PDF format.


Get help with Online Payslips

If you need help with the feature, you should reach out to your employer. They will have access to the resources to support you, and if not, they’ll be able to talk to us so that we can provide the right support.