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Create and submit a VAT return

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How to create and submit a VAT return in Sage Accounting.


You need to send VAT returns regularly to HMRC from Sage Accounting if you're VAT registered. This could be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Once you submit a VAT Return, you can't make any changes. If you need to make adjustments, you'll need to do this on the next VAT Return.

If you accidentally submitted a return manually, the status will display as VAT Return Submitted Manually. Read how to resubmit a manual VAT return with MTD >

 NOTE: You can't submit a VAT return that is older than 12 months through Sage Accounting. In this scenario speak to HMRC to discuss your options. 


Before you start

  • Enter your VAT registration number from Settings, Business Settings, then Accounting Dates & VAT
  • Authorise Sage Accounting with HMRC to submit VAT returns via MTD. Do this from Settings, Business Settings, then Accounting Dates & VAT. Read more in our Get set up for Making Tax Digital (MTD) guide
  • Submit or delete any draft VAT Returns
  • Resubmit any failed VAT Returns

Create your VAT return

  1. From Reporting, select VAT Returns.
  2. Select Create VAT Return.
    We automatically check for the next VAT period and set the dates on the return for you.
     TIP: If you can change the From and To dates, you have not yet authorised your software with HMRC. Unless you are exempt from MTD, you must do this before submitting your VAT return.
  3. Choose Calculate.
  4. A prompt appears on-screen for transactions dated before the VAT period that weren’t included on a previous return. To check these transactions, select View Previous Transactions
    Choose whether to include them on your VAT Return:
    Now - Include them on this return.
    Later - Ask me again when I run my next return.
    Never - Exclude them from all future returns. Choose this if you've already submitted the transactions to HMRC. This could be from a return submitted from a different system.

 NOTE: If you receive any errors when submitting your VAT return, read how to troubleshoot here > 

Submit your VAT return

Once you're ready to send your VAT Return to HMRC.

  1. Select Reporting, then Vat Returns.
  2. Locate and select the VAT Return you wish to submit.
  3. Select Submit online to HMRC.
  4. Choose Save.
  5. When prompted, choose Finalise, then Submit to complete the submission.

We send your VAT return directly to HMRC.

Unless you are exempt from Making Tax Digital (MTD), do not choose Submit to HMRC by other means. If you have done this in error, find out how to resubmit a manual VAT return with MTD.

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