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Set up CIS for your business

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How to set up CIS for your business in Sage Accounting.


Turn on the CIS features in Accounting to:
  • Record your CIS registration details
  • Add CIS ledger accounts to your chart of accounts
  • Add CIS options to contact records to allow you to set up contacts as contractors or subcontractors
  • Produce CIS transactions and reports

 TIP: Once CIS activation occurs, the options will always be available on your contacts and chart of accounts. 

Activate CIS 

When you activate CIS for your business, we'l add new CIS ledger accounts to your chart of accounts. Keep to the ledger accounts we’ve created or for more detailed reporting, create your own additional ledger accounts.

Once you've set up your CIS contacts too, you'll start to see CIS deductions automatically applied to your transactions.

Make sure you have permission to update your financial settings and activate CIS. You’ll need to be a user with Full Access.

  1. Select Settings, then Business Settings.
  2. Under Financial Settings, select Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
  3. Select I'm CIS Registered.
  4. Select whether you're a Contractor, Subcontractor, or both.
  5. Enter your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR).
  6. If you're a contractor, enter your Accounts Office Reference and Employer's PAYE Reference.
  7. If you're a subcontractor, select your Deduction Rate.
  8. Select Save.

CIS ledger accounts

Once CIS activation occurs, we will establish all necessary CIS ledger accounts for you and include them in your chart of accounts.

We'll use the next available nominal code in the range for each section of your chart of accounts. For example, in the sales category, if 4910 is the last code used, we'll use 4911 for CIS Labour and 4912 for CIS Materials.

Alternatively, if you want to do more detailed reporting, you can learn how to set up your own CIS ledger accounts. You might want to do this to report separately on different types of labour or materials.


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