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See a list of unreconciled VAT transactions

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How to see a list of unreconciled VAT transactions.


How to see a list of transactions that have not been included on a VAT return.

There are two ways you can check your unreconciled transactions, before you create your VAT return using the Audit trail report or from the VAT return.

  • Check the report when you run your VAT return to see details of transactions dated in the previous VAT period but not included on your last VAT return.
  • Export the Audit Trail report to see which transactions are not VAT reconciled (included on a VAT return) without having to create a new VAT return.


From the VAT return

  1. Create the VAT return for your next period.
  2. When you have transactions dated in a previous VAT period, a message will show.
  3. Select the View Previous Transactions link. A PDF report opens in a new browser window.

Use the Audit trail report

This is useful if you want to check your transactions before running your next VAT return.

Run the Audit Trail report

  1. From Reporting, choose More then Audit Trail.
  2. Enter the Period you want to report on.
  3. To add a column to show whether transactions have been included on a VAT Return, click .
  4. Select VAT Reconciled and Save.
  5. Click Calculate. The report is updated and a new column is added to show whether transactions are on a VAT return.

Export the report

If you export the report as a CSV file, you can open it in Excel and sort and filter the data to show the transactions included or not included on a VAT return.

  1. Click Export and choose CSV.

 TIP: The report is ready when a notification displays on the main navigation bar, to the left of Profile.

  1. Select the notification bell then Download to save a copy of the report to your device. You can then open this from your Downloads folder.


  1. Select the VAT reconciled column header row, and select Sort & Filter then Filter from the menu.Image
  2. To only see transactions not included on the VAT return, open the drop-down arrow on the VAT reconciled column and remove the tick from the Yes option, then select OK.Image

You will then be able to see all your non-VAT reconciled transactions.