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Log in without the 2-factor authentication (2FA) device in Sage Accounting Start

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How to login when you don't have your 2-factor authentication (2FA) device in Sage Accounting.


If your device is unavailable, use recovery mode to log in to your Sage account.

Log in using a recovery code

If you don't have your device to hand don't worry, you can log in to your Sage account using your recovery code. Your recovery code was shared with you when you first set up 2-factor authentication. You may have written it down or stored it somewhere safe.

 NOTE: Note: The code is 24 digits, containing a mix of letters and numbers, for example:

VNDS - 79KB - 7JAJ - QNKA - F5F7 - YUPX.

  1. When prompted to enter your 2FA code, click the link for Use recovery code.
  2. Enter your recovery code when prompted.

 NOTE: Note: You can only use your recovery code once. We'll send you a new account recovery code after you use it. 

Next steps

  • If you've lost or no longer have access to this device, or you've lost your recovery code, please contact us for help logging in.
  • If you later have access to the device but no longer wish to use multi-factor authentication, you can remove it at any time.

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