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About Purchase Automation

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An introduction to using Purchase Automation in Sage Accounting.


Use Purchase Automation to easily create purchase invoices from uploaded documents or image files. You can also forward purchase invoices or receipts in your email inbox to Accounting instead of uploading them.

Either way, Purchase Automation makes entering transactions quick and easy and reduces the risk of errors.


How it works

With Purchase Automation, after each document and image is uploaded, the accuracy of the feature will improve. However, it is important to ensure that documents or image files are checked for inaccuracies before uploading.

  1. Upload or email a document or image file to Sage Accounting.
  2. We read the information from each uploaded file and convert them to a draft transaction. This includes the supplier, description, and amount.
  3. Review and approve the draft transaction.

Before you start

To use Purchase Automation, you must have Full access or Restricted access to Purchases.

Find this in the User Settings.

Turn on Purchase Automation

  1. From Settings, choose Apps and connections.
  2. Choose Purchase Automation, then select Enable Purchase Automation and Save.

It can take up to 60 seconds for the Purchase Automation service to be enabled. Once completed, start uploading your purchase documents.


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