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Add a business to your existing account

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How to create a new subscription for an extra business in Sage Accounting & Payroll.


We're rolling out the ability to add multiple business to your account.

This allows you to easily switch between businesses without the need for multiple log in details.


Add a business

  1. Log in to your Sage account. 
  2. Select Home from the navigation menu. 
  3. Select Add a business from the Home page.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to enter your business details.
  5. Select the services for your additional business.
  6. Review the pricing plan at this stage, you won't be charged until you select Apply selections.
  7. Repeat this process for each new business you wish to add.

When adding a new business, you can subscribe to Accounting, Payroll and HR or both.

Each business receives a separate invoice every month for their services.

Switch between businesses 

View all your businesses from the Home page. Here, you can either shortcut into the specific business product you want to access, or select Switch business to log into that business account. 

Alternatively, from the business name drop down in the navigation bar, select the business you want to access.

 NOTE: If you subscribe to more than 10 businesses, only the most recently accessed businesses will show in the drop down.