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Import sales or purchase invoices as quick entries

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How to import sales and purchase quick entries into Sage Accounting.


With quick entries you can create batch transactions, without producing a physical invoice or credit note. For example, where you have a separate invoicing system and just want to record the value of existing invoices. 

 NOTE: You can't print quick entry transactions, if you need to print your invoices or credit notes you should avoid using quick entries. 

Let's find out how to import your quick entries.


Before you start

  • Make sure you've already entered customers or suppliers
  • Ensure the customer and supplier names in the CSV file use the same spelling as in Accounting
  • Use a separate CSV file for sales and purchases - you can't import these together
  • Make sure that the column headings and cell formatting in your CSV file matches the template from Sage Accounting
 NOTE: You can't import foreign currency or cross border invoices. You must enter these manually and as regular invoices. 

Common import errors

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