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Import product and services from a CSV file

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How to import and export your products, services, or stock records from a CSV file into Sage Accounting.


Import new products, services or stock records from a CSV file. You cannot use this to update existing records.

Use this if details of your products and services are held in a separate system or you have just started using Accounting.

Things to consider

You can only import details of new products, services, or stock items. The import function cannot be used to update existing records.

The headings in the CSV file must exactly match the headings used in the CSV file template. We recommend that you download the CSV template file first to make sure the headings are correct.

The Item Code and Description are mandatory. Other cells can be left blank.

When importing Categories, make sure you have already created your categories and sub-categories. To import a sub-category, the row must also include the correct category.

When importing Analysis Types, make sure you have already created your analysis types and the analysis type is Active for the correct type of record; StockNon-stock, or Service.

When any cells are left blank in the CSV file, we will complete the following with a default value set in the Record and Transaction Settings:

  • Sales ledger account
  • Sales VAT rate
  • Purchase ledger account
  • Purchase VAT rate

Download the CSV file template

Use our templates to make sure your CSV has the correct column headings.

  1. From Products & Services, select the drop-arrow next to New item and select Import items
  2. Choose the type of item to import; Stock, Non-stock or a Service item.
  3. Select the template CSV file link.

Prepare your CSV file

  1. Make sure you keep the column headings as they are in the template.

  2. Delete the rows containing the examples.

  3. Make sure the VAT rate text exactly matches the text used in Accounting.

    • Standard
    • Lower Rate
    • Lower Rate 2
    • Zero Rated
    • Exempt
  4. The Ledger Account and Usual Supplier must exactly match the details already stored in Accounting. If you're not sure leave them blank and add the details on the individual records later.
  5. For stock item imports, if you have stock on hand, enter the current amount held in column R.
  6. When you’re happy you’ve entered your data correctly, save the file and choose Upload your CSV file.

Import your products and services:

  1. From Products & Services, select the drop-arrow next to New item and select Import items.
  2. Choose whether you want to import Stock, Non-stock or Service items.
  3. Select the Upload your CSV file link.
  4. Browse to your file and choose Open.

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