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Cash flow

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This article will show you how to monitor cash coming in and out of your business in Sage Accounting


The cash flow statement helps you monitor the cash coming into and going out of your business and, ultimately, see the financial position of your company.

You can use the cash flow forecast to estimate how much money your business will have, or need, at any point in the future, helping you to plan ahead. The forecast shows your expected cash flow in and cash flow out based on when invoices are due to be paid, credit notes due to be refunded, and any recurring income or expenses that are due in the period you specify.

When running a forecast, you can also add manual adjustments to include values that might not already be accounted for. For example, you may want to apply for a loan, but first want to see how your predicted cash flow will change if you add this value to your accounts. If you add a manual adjustment, this is only used for the cash flow forecast, and the values aren’t added to your ledgers.