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Make unused bank accounts inactive

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How to make unused bank accounts inactive in Sage Accounting.


When you have bank accounts that you no longer use, you can prevent transactions being created for that bank account by making it inactive.


Once set to inactive, the bank account is hidden when creating transactions, although it will still appear in reports.

The Banking page has three tabs, allowing you to see all your accounts, just the active ones or just the inactive ones.

A bank account can't be set to inactive if:

Set an account as inactive

To make a bank account inactive:

  1. Under Account Status, select Active.
  2. Set the status to Inactive.
  3. Save your changes.

The bank account will show as inactive on the banking list.

Remove the inactive flag

To make a bank account active again, go to Banking and:

  1. Select the bank account from your banking list.
  2. Go to Account Status and select Inactive.
  3. Set status to Active.
  4. Save your changes.