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Other payments and expenses

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This explains how to record a payment that is not used to pay a supplier invoice in Sage Accounting.


The payment could be for general expenses or a cash purchase where you did no receive an invoice.


How this works
  • Use this for money you've paid out that's not being used to pay a purchase invoice
  • You can't use an Other payment to pay a purchase invoice at a later date
  • Only use this for a supplier when the supplier is not going to send you an invoice, for example you paid cash to a supplier

Enter an other payment

  1. From Banking, select the correct bank account.
  2. Select New Entry, then Purchase/Payment.
  3. Select the Other Payment tab. Enter the bank account, payment method, date and amount of the payment.
  4. Enter a supplier and a reference if needed.
  5. Enter the remaining details:

    • Change to a different ledger account if required. This is used to categorise what the money is for

    • Choose the correct VAT Rate for each item. The VAT calculates from the VAT rate you select

    • The Total defaults to the value you entered in Amount Received. If required, you can change this

  6. If you have bought several items, enter these on separate lines:

    • The total for all lines must match the amount in Amount Received before you can save

    • If you only know the gross value of a single item, tab to the Total and enter the gross amount. Tab again or press Enter. We update the Net and VAT amounts for you

    • If you enter more than one line, it shows on the bank account as a single payment. It shows as individual amounts on the ledger accounts

  1. Select Save, or to add another payment, select Add Another from the Save drop-down list and repeat the process if required.

If you need to make this payment as a recurring payment, just open the payment once saved and choose the option Make recurring. Read about recurring bank entries.

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