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Publish invoices from AutoEntry

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How to transfer invoices uploaded to AutoEntry into Sage Accounting.


AutoEntry processes uploaded invoices and extracts the relevant data such as total value, line amounts and descriptions etc.

If you integrate AutoEntry with Sage Accounting, after an invoice is uploaded you can publish the invoice to create it as a transaction in Sage Accounting.


 NOTE: A copy of the source document is also sent as an attachment. For expenses, for example, this is a PDF copy of the expense report including the images of the receipts etc. 

When a file isn't attached

If the source file is more than 2.5MB, you can't attach it to the published transaction and import it into Sage Accounting.

When this happens, the transaction is still created, but a warning is shown in AutoEntry to let you know that the file wasn't included.

Find this on the Archived list for the relevant area.


You can still if required.