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Change your VAT Scheme - Cash Accounting to Not Registered

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How to change from Cash Accounting VAT scheme to Not Registered in Accounting Start.


Important steps

You must complete the following tasks before you change your VAT scheme.

  • Enter all transactions under the Cash Accounting scheme, for example, if your old VAT scheme ended on 30th September, enter all transactions with VAT dated up to 30th September
  • Do not enter any transactions that will not be subject to VAT, for example from 1st October onwards
  • Submit your final VAT return under the Cash Accounting scheme. Find out how to create and submit a VAT return
  • Delete all transactions that are dated after your final Cash accounting VAT return. This is to make sure no transactions remain from your old VAT scheme. You cannot change VAT schemes when you have transactions from your old VAT scheme. This is because we assume these transactions will need to be submitted on a VAT return first

     NOTE:  If you cannot delete a transaction, or submit your VAT Return contact support for further help. Get in touch (opens in a new window). 

Change to Not Registered for VAT

  1. Select More and then select Business Settings.
  2. Select Accounting dates and VAT.
  3. Use the VAT Scheme drop-down to select Not Registered.
  4. Select Save.
  5. If you deleted any transactions before changing your VAT Scheme, you can re-enter them now.

If you have been using the incorrect VAT Scheme

This usually happens when you first sign up for Accounting Start and set up the wrong VAT scheme or choose Not Registered by mistake.

To correct this and get onto the right VAT scheme, read about what to do if you have been processing on an incorrect VAT scheme.