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Change your VAT Scheme - Not Registered to Cash Accounting

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How to change from Not Registered for VAT to Cash Accounting VAT scheme in Accounting Start.


How this works

Enter all transactions up to the date you wish to register for VAT. Any transactions already entered will not include VAT and will not report on any subsequent VAT returns.

If any of these transactions need to include VAT, delete and re-enter them after you change schemes.

After you change to the Cash Accounting VAT scheme, we add VAT rate and VAT columns when you enter transactions.

Any transactions you enter after you turn on the Cash Accounting VAT scheme, regardless of the date of the transaction, may include VAT and can be included in a VAT return.

How to change to a Cash Accounting VAT Scheme

  1. Select More and then select Business Settings.
  2. Select Accounting dates and VAT.
  3. Use the VAT Scheme drop-down to select Cash Accounting.
  4. Select the relevant Submission Frequency.
  5. Enter your VAT number.
  6. Select Save.

 TIP: You usually have to submit VAT returns quarterly, although HMRC will let you know how often they want you to submit your VAT Returns.