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Create and send a CIS sales invoice to a contractor

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Create sales invoices for your CIS Contractors with CIS deductions and reverse charge VAT in Accounting Start.


What you need to know

Create a CIS sales invoice

  1. Select Sales.
  2. Select New Invoice.
  3. Choose a contact that is set up for CIS. Once selected, you'll see a blue banner advising your contact is set up for CIS and CIS deductions will apply to your invoice.
  4. If applicable, select Use Reverse Charge VAT.

  5. Enter your labour charge on a separate line.
    • Make sure you choose a CIS labour category to ensure your CIS is recorded correctly
    • CIS deductions are only taken from lines recorded against a CIS Labour ledger account
    • If you’ve set a default on your contact, this will be selected automatically
  6. Enter any CIS Materials on a separate line.

    • Choose a CIS Materials category

  7. Your invoice will show the total charges for the labour and materials, the CIS deductions and where applicable, the VAT amount being reversed.


  8. Once you're happy with your invoice, select Save.

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