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Record and transaction settings

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How to set up your default record and transaction settings and preferences in Sage Accounting Start.


Set up preferences that suit your business and save you time when creating records and processing transactions.

Go to More, Settings, then Business settings. Click Record and transaction settings to enter your default settings and preferences.

How this works

Use these options to:

  • Set default credit terms
  • Set default categories to use when entering transactions or creating records
  • Choose how to sort categories on menus and drop-downs
  • Choose your profit or loss is shown on your balance sheet

Default ledger accounts

Sort categories by name or nominal code

The is determines how we display ledger accounts in the menus and drop-down lists.

Choose from:

  • Ledger name - Lists ledger accounts in alphabetical order followed by the nominal code. For example, Other income (4900)
  • Nominal code - Lists ledger accounts numerically by nominal code followed by the name. For example 4900 - Other income

Show Profit and Loss Account value

Choose whether to show the amount of your Profit and Loss account separately on your Balance Sheet or in your calculated Profit and Loss amount.