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Create a customer contact

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How to create a customer contact in Accounting Start.


Before you begin

Did you know you can import your customers in bulk from a spreadsheet?

Read our Import customer contacts guide >

When you enter transactions such as sales invoices, we use the information that you've set on the customer record to determine the following:

  • Category - The default ledger account is 4900 Other Income
  • Due date - This is set to 30 days by default
  • VAT rate - This is determined by the customer's location and whether they are VAT registered

If you indicated that your business is registered for VAT in Accounting Start when you signed up, by default there will already be two contacts on the list. You'll use the HMRC Reclaimed customer contact when you reclaim VAT and the HMRC Payments supplier contact when you make VAT payments. You can change the reference for these contacts, but you cannot rename or delete them.

Create a customer

For one-off customers, or if you don't want to import them, create new customer records from Contacts.

  1. From Contacts, choose New Customer.
  2. Enter the business name of the customer. This is the name you'll see on all lists when selecting this customer.
  3. Enter the remaining details. If you don't know all the details yet, simply enter the business name and save. You must always provide an address before saving an invoice for a customer.
     NOTE: You need to enter an address before you can save an invoice for a customer. 

Refer to the sections below for setting customer defaults and storing additional information: 

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