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Check your bank feed

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How to check that transactions have been downloaded from your bank in Sage Accounting Start.


What happens when a bank feed is connected?

Once a bank feed is connected, we rely on your bank to send us new transactions.

All the banks send us transactions at different times, usually about once a day. So there may be times when transactions show on your bank statement but have not yet been imported into Sage Accounting.

As a rule, you should always be able to see transactions from the previous working day.

The last time your bank was checked for transactions is shown at the top of the page.


Where can I see my incoming bank transactions?

On the Banking page in Sage Accounting Start you can see the number of pending transactions on the tile for your bank account.


Select the number of transactions to view all imported transactions on the Incoming Bank Transactions page.

Not seeing the transactions you're expecting?

If you are not seeing transactions you're expecting to see, and haven't had new transactions for more than five days, we recommend that you:

  • Check to see if your bank feed is working properly. We update the Bank Feed Status page on the Sage website with known problems
  • Check to see if your bank feed needs to be re-authenticated
  • Some bank feeds need to be re-authenticated every 90 days for security reasons
  • You should see a message at the top of the page if re-authentication is needed
  • Choose Enter Credentials to re-authorise the bank feed

What's next?

Process incoming bank transactions