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Keep track of petty cash

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How to create a petty cash account in Sage Accounting Start.


Many businesses have a petty cash account for everyday purchases or costs, such as office supplies, parking charges and petrol.

Petty cash transactions can often be cash only.

They may also used to be a reimburse employees or to buy items for small amounts.

We recommend that you create a special petty cash bank account to track these payments. This will also help you report and manage how you spend your petty cash. 

Rather than being an actual bank account, we will set up a special bank account for cash only.

As this account is for cash only, you can't reconcile the bank account.


What you need to do

  • Create new a bank account to represent your petty cash balance
  • Enter an opening balance to show the current balance of your petty cash
  • Record payments for things bought with petty cash
  • Record a transfer when you top up your petty cash
  • Record a cash deposit when you transfer money from your cash account to another bank account