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Sage 200 - Unable to send all emails. Unknown Error. Please check Windows Event log for more details.

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This article explains how to resolve the error quoted below, which can appear when integrating with Microsoft Exchange Online in Sage 200 Standard, Sage for Education or Sage 200 Professional.


To secure customers privacy and data, Microsoft recently announced the retirement of Basic Authentication – a security protocol used in the online Outlook SMTP email settings in Report Designer.

The following error can be produced when trying to email a layout using SMTP settings if you integrate your Sage 200 program with a Microsoft Exchange Online server.

Unable to send all emails
Unknown Error. Please check Windows Event log for more details.
This article provides the resolution to the problem.


Install a compatible version of Outlook on the machine with the Sage 200 Client

Before you can update your Sage 200 email settings, you need install a compatible 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook. We would recommend you refer to your local IT Support or Business Partner for assistance with this process.

Configure your email settings against the layout you are using
Check which layout is being used
  1. Click on the Tools cog and select Choose Layouts.
  2. From the Layout dropdown select the document type you want to email.
  3. Make a note of the Filename and click OK to close the Choose Layouts window.


Within the Report Designer program there is a folder structure which allows the program to use different layouts or reports depending on which company is being used, the presence of a custom layout or the default layout if no company specific or custom layout or report is present. When the Sage 200 program attempts to use a layout it will check for the named layout in the company folder first, then the custom folder and finally in the default folder. 

Find and configure the layout in Report Designer
  1. Click on the Tools cog and select Run Sage Report Designer.
    • NOTE: Depending on your setup you may maintain multiple companies or have custom reports and layouts. 
  2. Find the layout by checking the following folders in this order: - 
    1. Click on the company, custom and then default folders to find the layout noted earlier.
    2. Within the company folder there may be folders for each of the companies you maintain, within which there will be the relevant layout, letter or report folders.
    3. If you have not found the layout in the company or custom folders it will be located in default.
  3. Select the layout to show the designer view. 
  4. Click the Tools dropdown, Options and then the Email Setup tab.
  5. Specify the Default Provider as Microsoft Outlook and ensure the tick box underneath is ticked called Where MAPI is specified in the report use the default provider instead.
  6. From the Available Providers select Micorsoft Outlook and select Test.
  7. Add an email address into the Send email to box and click OK.
    • NOTE: If a message stating "A program is trying to access email address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify that your antivirus software is up to date. For more information about email safety and how your might be able to avoid getting this warning click Help." Click Allow. You may need to click allow several times to get the confirmation the test email has been sent. 
  8. Click OK to close the Options tab.
  9. Select the Report dropdown menu and Email Settings.
  10. From the Email Settings tab in the Sending options section choose your preference between Send emails immediately or Save emails to mailbox.
  11. Change the Mail Provider to Microsoft Outlook and click OK.
  12. Save the changes you have made to the layout by clicking File and Save if you started with a custom or company layout or File and Save As... if your started with a default layout. Keep the same layout name and save to either the custom or company/company name folder structure as required.
Updating your email settings within your software
  1. Locate and select the document you want to email within Sage 200, then click Email.
  2. If a Criteria window appears, enter any relevant criteria, then click OK.
    • NOTE: If you've configured your email settings in the previous section, the document is sent to your email Inbox, Drafts folder or sent immediately and appears in your Sent items folder. If you've not configured your email settings, proceed to the next step. 
  3. When prompted to send the document as an attachment, click Yes.
  4. In the Provider drop-down select Microsoft Outlook.
  5. In the Format drop-down, select the required document format, PDF as an example.
  6. Click OK.