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Communication: Sage 200 Upgrades for Licence Expiry, TLS and Internet Explorer

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This communication was issued to our Sage 200 Business Partner and Developer communities.


This communication was sent 19 November 2021.

Sage 200 Upgrades for Licence Expiry, TLS and Internet Explorer

Notice 21-DJ | 19 November 2021

Dear Partner,

In continuation of our communications regarding the need to upgrade customers using older versions of Sage 200, we require your support in confirming and validating the customers affected, plus an understanding of the approach you will be taking.

Overview of the current situation

You can see copies of previous communications using the links below:

We’ve also prepared a document that outlines the impacts and options per version overview for your reference.

What does this mean for my business & customers?

Action must be taken for customers using Sage 200 v2013 or above. You can assess the impact and the options available using the overview document.

Sage 200 Historical Licences and Test & Recovery Licences

Customers who operate Sage 200 historical licences, will also need to act. Customers can either:

  • Discontinue use of the historical licence by the deadline date of 30 September 2022, if it’s no longer required.
  • Apply the licence patch we’ll provide if they are using 2018.00, 2018.01, 2018.02 or Summer 2019.
  • Follow the historical licence upgrade process. You can access the disclaimers using the following links:

Likewise, customers with Test & Recovery licences can either apply the patches where relevant, or upgrade. In all cases the Test & Recovery licence should be running using its own dedicated serial number.

Communication plan and timeline

We understand this presents a challenge and to support you, it's our intention to communicate to all impacted customers, with version specific messaging early in the new year.

The communications will outline the customers’ options and where patches are suitable, the simplicity and speed at which patches can be applied will be outlined.

For these communications we need to validate which product version customers are using, including Active, Test & Recovery and Historic Licences.

The timeline for our communication plan is outlined below. By:

24 November 2021 You will receive a customer product list from Sage.
07 January 2022 Please return the customer product list, updating the version/serial numbers where appropriate.
Feb/Mar 2022 Patches will be released: - we’ll firm the dates up once we’ve progressed with the development of Sage 200 2022 R1 releases.
March 2022 Customer in-product launchpad messaging.
March 2022 Knowledgebase articles and version specific communications via email to customers (without in-product messaging).


To ensure the best experience possible for customers, and to minimise the required upgrades, we’d ask that you also review our announcement regarding Internet Explorer 11, which you can access here.

Please note: If you are reinstalling a remastered version, we are happy to confirm a Test & Recovery licence will not be required. However, if you are upgrading, then the usual rules for Test & Recovery licences apply.

Action required

Once you have received your list of customers, please review.

The file is encrypted and password protected, and your Partner Account Manager will contact you separately to provide access.

Please review, update and amend the spreadsheet of customer registrations provided, returning it once, as one complete submission before the deadline of 7 January 2022.

Got a question?

Please refer to the FAQ section in the overview document. If your enquiry is of a technical or support nature, please contact the relevant support team as usual. Alternatively, with any other queries, please speak to your Partner Account Manager in the first instance.


Jo Kirkup

Product Manager, Sage 200


Anita Holley

Product Marketing Manager, Sage 200