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Communication - Important Information: Sage Provisioning Portal

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This communication was issued to our Sage 200 Partner and Developer communities.


Sage Provisioning Portal

Notice 21-CG | 07 October 2021

Dear Partner / Developer,

Customer security is of utmost importance at Sage. To reflect this over the last year we have made several updates to the Sage Provisioning Portal, including the introduction of the new deployment of Sage 200 Professional via the Sage Partner Cloud program.

These changes have resulted in an update of our rules and usage parameters, as outlined in our Knowledgebase. To help you understand our current position, we’ve created a single guide that will direct you to all the relevant materials you need to ensure you are aligned for success.

Important points to note:
  • Authorised Users must be individually named, with individual email addresses – two or more users should not share email addresses and login information, as outlined in our Product Terms and helpfiles.
  • Partners should only hold logins as a ‘partner type’ user. They should not create ‘customer type’ users.
  • Partner users should not be permanently attached to customer sites. This includes creating a customer user for partner use. Accessing a site is simple and the duration currently lasts for 72 hours. – We will increase the duration to seven days to allow sufficient time for project implementations.*
  • In all cases, adding additional users will notify the Customer Administrator of the site.
  • Customer data must not be restored into your test / demo sites.
  • Partners should guide customers to support them with managing their users for themselves, allowing them to effectively manage their site access.
  • Partners should ensure customers are aware of the terms around creating users, including best practice.
  • It is the partners responsibility to complete regular site audits, checking user access levels and removing users that have left a partner function – such as support, or those who have left your business.
  • Sage employees will not add additional users to any site, they will only provide guidance. Sage are responsible for setting up the initial Partner Administration user that accepts the terms and conditions, or the Customer Administration user for directly supported customers.
  • For partners wishing to sell Sage 200 Professional through the Sage Provisioning Portal, you are responsible for ensuring effective site management. Details can be found in the Sage Partner Cloud Agreement that you agree to, as well as in the shared responsibility model available on the Partner Hub.
 *NOTE: This applies to Sage 200 products on Sage’s Azure subscription e.g. Sage 200 Standard. The increased access duration will be activated during the portal update scheduled on 10 October 2021.
Action required:

We appreciate these changes may result in additional partner activity, by 30 November 2021, please undertake a full review of your partner structure and those of your customers to ensure the following:

Audit your partner account within the Sage Provisioning Portal:

  • The main contact on the Partner account is set correctly.
  • Where necessary, ensure you have more than one Partner Administrator.
  • Any additional users are set correctly and at the right level of control.
  • Ensure your customers are aware of our rules regarding Authorised Users.
  • Audit your linked customers.

After this date, we will pro-actively remove any users that do not comply with our rules.

In addition, please ensure you have the relevant policies and processes documented should you be asked by your customer.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.